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Skykiwi.com is our news website that produces news content. Skykiwi.com covers domestic and international stories, including current affairs, education, immigration, real estate, investment, finance, shopping guide, entertainment, etc. As an independent New Zealand local media and a digital member of the Media Council, we consistently comply with New Zealand media regulations and principles.

Skykiwi forum is the biggest online platform for NZ Chinese to exchange information, discuss events and news, and share information. As a UGC Platform, the Skykiwi forum provides a social platform and most of its content is created by users, which abides by the rules of the community forum. The forum covers topics such as current affairs, education, immigration, investment, tourism, etc.

Why us? We are not only a media firm

01 We offer one-stop marketing service

Strategy, Contents, Design, Media Channels, Events, Service, Report...

02 We connect New Zealand and China

Our network connects the Chinese communities not only in New Zealand, but also in China.

03 We save your money

We have the partnerships with a large number of media firms and our own creative team. We leverage our resources and save your money.

04 We value our users and clients

No matter you are our users or our clients, we try hard to meet your needs and provide you with the best information and service.

What we can do for you

  • Protal Website

    411K+ daily pageviews, 81K+ daily visits.
  • Skykiwi App

    236K+ installation, 80K+ daily visits, 48K+ daily visitors.
  • Social Media

    585K+ followers, 100K+ daily views.
  • Forum

    438K+ registered users, 12K+ daily posts, 32M+ total posts.
  • Event

    10K+ attendees on the day, 20+ previous event experiences
  • Investment

    35K+ followers with over 76% based in Auckland and 87% in New Zealand.
  • Alibaba Cloud

    Skykiwi and Alibaba will provide cloud services for New Zealand local business.
  • Link to China

    Variety of outdoor advertising service options.

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